AIR + Chuck Norris = Chuck Norris Facts Desktop app

On October 7, 2008, Air,Flash - 8 Comments

Today, I fiddled a bit with Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) in Flash CS3, and look here, I’ve created the best application ever! (Every application featuring Chuck Norris is the best application ever).

It serves random facts and roundhouse kicks you in the face! Check it out:

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What others have to say:


Man…. I really hope we see less of useless apps like this. Do we really want the word “Spam” attached to air apps?


Nope, and we won’t. Spam is something you get in your mailbox, whether you like it or not. An AIR app, useless or not, has to be installed by the user. So, if you don’t like it, don’t install it.
Furthermore, I only created this to play a bit with air and it’s installer. I could of course make some boring feed / spreadsheet app, but this is much more fun.


Chuck will roundhousekick your boring ass for saying that Steven!:)


Useless??? This ain’t useless…this is great! In fact, I only know one application which can barely get to the point of “greatness” as this AIR application.
Check it out : Flickrbabes in the AIR


lol! perfect :)


[...] > Flexperiments » AIR + Chuck Norris = Chuck Norris Facts Desktop app [...]


I’m not getting any facts. Just Chuck. Not a big deal – but, thought I’d let you know.
Any application w/ Chuck Norris is useful


I think the server was down for a couple of days. Seems to work fine again :-P

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